Here are a some examples of customer projects: 

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Is a very popular museum but is also a restaurant and runs a lot of different events.


  • Create a unique user experience 
  • Improved communication 
  • Increased knowledge of visitors
  • Increased loyalty


  • New app with ShopJoy SDK built in 
  • Solution is integrated with marketing automation system and ticket system''


  • Membership management and ticket purchasing
  • Personalized communication
  • Extended exhibition information based on proximity sent directly to the mobile
  • Visitor statistics on individual level, input for marketing communication
With ShopJoy´s solution our customer interaction has become much more relevant and we succeed to integrate the physical and digital customer journey.
— John, Fotografiska

Myresjöhus, villastaden

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Myresjöhus have launched their interactive guide for Vallastaden which is a to-be solution for showing real estates.

  • Focus on two separate exhibitions; “Så ett frö” and “Resa i tid och rum”
  • All information about the houses, interior details and history is all presented directly in the app
  • Gamification that is a contest based on which rooms you have visited  
  • Focus on interactivity, creating a relationship and building knowledge of the visitors  

warner music, london


  • Important information does not get to the coworkers, gets lost in the mail threads….
  • The intranet does not do the job as an adequate information channel 
  • Need to reach coworkers at specific places/sites


  • New app with ShopJoy SDK built in, available on the device coworkers like = mobile
  • Integrated with internal and external back end datasources e.g. Outlook, weather forecast etc


  • Personalized news feed/notifications based on place, time and personal characters 
  • Colleagues can send and receive messages between themselves (chat)
  • Find my coworkers (physical places at the office)
  • Links to other relevant systems

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More about our platform


The ShopJoy platform has open API:s for integration with CRM-systems, Markting automation solutions, DSP, DMP and Sharepoint. 



All data in the platform is accessible to analyse. You will be able to see graphically which sites your audience visits, who got a specific message, who opened it, click through etc.

Use ShopJoy platform to collect, analyse and communicate. Or to locate, analyse and act!

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